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who we are

our being: “skimpl is all about sustainable engagement, pushing true effort that delivers a better tomorrow, one digital bit after another, with an Agile mindset”

And this, too, shall pass away. King Solomon.

our credo: “Free the power of happiness, put creativity first, constantly evolve our work ethics and ask what we as a TEAM can do for a better sustainable tomorrow”

So, we try to enjoy every moment, good and bad, and treat it as an opportunity!

Based in Europe, living and breathing the digital-first-mind-set of Estonia, curious and carefully using our corporate “super-powers” to do good wherever we see an opportunity to contribute.

Dedicated to all aspects of The Knowledge Curation Process enabling a better digital tomorrow, today.

contemplating the digitalised future; see the happy side of life as it moves on.

skimpl is privately held and acts independently as a business enabler, investing in European teams & talent.

Founded in 2015 and actively engaged in several portfolio ventures: Agile IT Training, Business Process Digitalisation, Knowledge Curation and Start-up Facilitation Tools.

always busy, love email.